Juliette the Pretty Liar

A slut like Juliette Black is only good for the holes in her body. She needs to be taught that if she is going to ever please a man. The first lesson? Learning to beg for more, no matter what. PD is going to wear her cunt out. He is going to inflict pain on her every chance he gets. He is going to make her wish that she was anywhere but here. And the entire time she is going to beg to be filled.

Struggling Doesn’t Help Juliette

All of the struggling Juliette Black is doing is never going to help her. The way she is bound flailing around is only going to make things hurt even more. Judging from the way her screams are coming out of the box on her head she may be too distracted to notice, though. The echoes will make sure she stays disoriented enough to remain entertaining while PD decides what to do with her next.

Hazel Visits Camp Cunt

Most people consider the woods to be far away from any kind of interference, but standing out there naked has Hazel Hypnotic paranoid about hikers. They may come looking for the source of all of those screams, but when they see the humiliating way PD has her tied up, like an offering to the perversions of the forest, they may not be inclined to help her. Not without sampling the goods first.

Why Nyssa Never Complains

PD ties up Nyssa Nevers and starts with a bit of tickling. It does not hurt and she should count herself as lucky. But instead she complains like she is in agony. It is insulting to treat a man that way. He is going to give her something to bitch about, in that case. He was trying to be nice and she did not want to accept it? That is fine. He can cane her feet as easily as tickle them.

Zayda Fears Her Future

One look at the implements that PD has laid out in front of her tells Zayda J everything she needs to know about what is coming today. There are very few uses for a dildo that can conduct electricity and none of them are her idea of fun. The same could be said for the suction tubes and pumps she has her eyes on. It is clear that whatever he is planning will demonstrate his sadistic prowess.

Dixon Masons Day Starts

We have a lot of questions to ask Dixon before the show even starts but it is hard to make this slut concentrate on anything but her cunt. Just being naked and caged is enough to make her dripping wet and she needs some relief before she the party even begins. The kinds of questions we ask her may seem like opinions but each one has a right answer and a wrong one and she does not want to be wrong.

Nyssa Gets Boxed In

Earlier Nyssa was all smiles and giggles. Now we\’re going to see if we can change that. The box on her head has been open so far. So far… But things can change very quickly. Close it, though, and it is a completely different game. It becomes hot, claustrophobic and loud as hell inside. If she thinks taking it off is a sign of mercy or weakness, she is wrong. We just needed better access.

We Hit the Rhodes

CiCi Rhodes has a charming demeanor and a sweet little smile that just says: Violate me. We are more than willing to oblige her in that. Come check her out live on Saturday, April 28 as we stream the mayhem in HD. All of the members have a voice in what terrible torments we decide to put her through. If you want yours to be heard all you need to do is sign up and tune in at 5PM EST.

Sasha Meets Hazel Hypnotic

Sasha is a pretty young thing that looks like a girl next door, but her facade can not fool PD. He knows what goes on behind those doe eyes. She wants to be the kind of dirty slut that he loves to take advantage of. She wants to have her holes filled and her barriers broken down. He has a slave kept aside for just such an occasion. Hazel Hypnotic is going to help him violate this slut.

Elise Graves Goes Camping

Elise Graves decided that for her trip to the farm with PD she wanted to get the total BDSM experience. That means rigorous bondage. It means being treated like a piece of meat, to be stripped, cleaned and devoured. When he decides to take her out for a bit of a camping trip there is no way he is going to let her ride inside the truck. A few ropes solve the transportation problem.